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PAX Australia Tickets

Hey everyone.

Last year my sister and I went to PAX Australia and had a lot of fun, so as soon as tickets went on sale, we bought a 3 day pass each. Unfortunately we aren’t able to make it this year, so we have two tickets we want to sell rather than waste the money since PAX doesn’t do refunds.

We aren’t looking for a profit so we want to sell the tickets at their original price of $150 each, which we could both use. However, if we get a good offer for both tickets, we’d be up for negotiation. 

After last year, I highly recommend the con. It’s a lot of fun and there’s a lot to do there so it is hard to get bored. Even if you’re not a fan of Penny Arcade you can still enjoy the video, card and tabletop games, and maybe make some friends who share a similar hobby.

If you’re interested, just send a message to my inbox and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Happy Columbus Day!




thousands of followers but still stuck with 10 note selfies

the fuck







you gotta be kidding me





Sums up their personalities pretty well.

Eddy: I can achieve anything
Edd: there’s a logical way to achieve what I want
Ed: there’s nothing standing in my way

Eddy hopping over the fence indicates his willingness to “cheat” the system, or to take a shortcut. Much like his schemes, it might end up being more work, but in his mind, cheating is the best way to get ahead.

Edd goes the neat and logical way, he’s straight forward. BUT, note that he closes the gate behind him rather than leaving it open. He’s incredibly meticulous and even if it’s more convenient to leave it open for anyone coming in behind him, he has to leave things neat, tidy and as he found them.

Ed is also is straight forward, he in fact is using the MOST direct route. But this route is one no one else would consider because it seems completely nonsensical. Which sums him up pretty well. The fact that it works for him is also fun to note. In general his earnestness and determination carries him through situations that most people would be stopped by.

I honestly never thought I’d see a critical analysis of Ed, Edd, and Eddy




Mark Williams and Julie Walters behind the scenes of Bill&Fleur’s wedding

This should have just been put in the movie, as mr and mrs weasley probably dance just like this.



Ohio Halloween House has a run in with a Pirate Ship!

via http://www.dailymail.co.uk


Ink/Inkwash on 9x12 bristol board ~ Art by Francesco Francavilla

Doing this one-a-day-all-month-long horror art thing in October leading to Halloween :)

Day 13 of FFFear brings you a Classic Horror starring Vincent Price: HOUSE OF WAX!

This look also inspired the look of Liam Neeson in DARKMAN, the horror movie directed by Sam Raimi in the 90s. :)




Never hang out with anyone who says “feminist” the same way Draco Malfoy says “mudblood”.

This is the best way to explain this.

The worst part about writing a novel series is I keep coming up with ideas for scenes in the later books but I haven’t even finished the first one yet. I just figured out how one of the major characters is going to die and he’s not even going to appear until book three.

At least it’s only planned to be five books long. 

If I had a million dollars I would probably blow it all on making a new comic series. Hiring artists, printing, advertising, a website, plus hiring someone to help with making sure it gets done. Also going to cons all over the world and buying stuff at them. I reckon I could blow through a million in less than a year pretty easily. 


Bless whoever made this.





The thing that sucks about mental illness is that if you aren’t depressed enough, suicidal enough, bad enough, nobody cares. Nobody cares until you reach their standard, and that standard is when your problem is bad enough to effect them

The amount of people who can relate to this makes me equally incredibly sad and immensely angry

people need to fucking pay attention to this post

"Bad enough to effect them" - and all they are is mad cos you’re an inconvenience.